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The PicasX1512D is a 2D CMOS X-ray flat panel,which has the advantages of high resolution, wide dynamic range, low noise and fine pixels. The product has compact structure, excellent technical performance, easy integration, and can adapt to different working environments. The frame rates is up to 45 at full resolution. It can provide data output up to 45fps at full resolution. Product Features: For X-ray imaging, high DQE and MTF, pixel size 96um With unique anti-irradiation technology, anti-irradiation lifetime up to 10000Gy
High DQE and MTF
Pixel Size: 96um
TID(Total Ionizing Dose):10000Gy


X-ray CMOS flat panel detector

Maximum photosensitive area 147.5 × 115.6mm MTF@1lp/mm 60%
Pixel Area 96 × 96 μm DQE(0)@1uGy(RQA5) 70%
Resolution 1536 × 1204 pixels Data Interface Gigabit/2.5G Ethernet
Pixel Merge 1 × 1 2 × 2 Trigger Mode Internal trigger or external trigger (continuous or pulse)
Frame Rate 30 / 45 fps ROI Readout Center 100%/70%/50% MAG mode
dynamic range 74 dB Input power 12 VDC
X-ray energy range 25-450 kV (suitable for corresponding scintillator) Volume (length x width x height) 162 × 161 × 49.7mm
anti-irradiation 500 Gy Power consumption @ full format 45fps 10 W
data quantization bit width 14 bit Weight 3 kg


Overall dimensions:(in mm)

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