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The BGM002 CMOS image sensor provide ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low noise and high dynamic range, 1-inch target surface, 18×18μm mega pixels, and an effective resolution of 805H×607V. Supporting single, double and trigger exposure modes, it can provide clear imaging in low-light environments of 0.0005lux. Single-frame dynamic range of 76dB, high dynamic range mode dynamic range of up to 110dB. As the sensor provide variable gain, you can control the on-chip registers through the IIC bus. Features: Ultra-high sensitivity and high dynamic range pixel design, sunspot correction, support for single frame and short and long exposures, as well as triggered exposure control, up to 240 fps, programmable gain, frame rate, exposure control, quantization accuracy of 10bit/up to 14bit, high quality imaging in ultra-low illumination, support for BT656 encoded outputs, NIR sensitivity enhancement, LVDS and DVP format outputs. .


SCMOS image sensor

Optical Dimensions 1 inch (diagonal 18mm) effective pixel array 805 H × 607 V
Pixel Size 18 × 18 μm effective photosensitive area 14490 × 10926 μm
Highest Frame Rate 240 fps optical filter array BW/RGB
Sensitivity 480 V/lux (BW) Exposure mode Rolling Shutter
Signal to noise ratio (max) 53 dB dark current 40 mV/s
dynamic range 76dB (single frame)/110dB (double frame) Output Interface LVDS/DVP
quantization precision 14 bit Operating temperature range -40~65 ℃
Power consumption @ 60fps 200 mW Encapsulation method CLCC



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