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Brigates released the new 1/2.7inch 2MBSI ultra-low-light image sensor BG0808, the sensor with 3u BSI pixels, with excellent light sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio; while supporting 2-frame Stagger HDR exposure mode. Achieve high dynamic range, support up to 60fps high frame rate, while supporting single-frame and multi-frame exposure triggering; MIPI/DVP image output interface, easy to use after special optimization, the chip area and power consumption greatly enhance the cost-effective ratio; high temperature operating range, perfect for use in harsh working environments.


Area array image sensor

Sharp core released a new 1/2.7 inch2MBSI ultra-low illumination image sensor BG0808, which uses 3uBSI pixels and has excellent photosensitive sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. At the same time, it supports 2-frame StaggerHDR exposure mode. Realize high dynamic range, support high frame rate of up to 60fps, and support exposure trigger of single frame and multi frame at the same time. MIPI/DVP image output interface is convenient to use. After special optimization, chip area and power consumption greatly improve the cost-effective ratio. High temperature working range, perfect use of harsh working environment.

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