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Venus_8K use CMOS-ECCD technology, CMOS-ECCD technology is the independent development of sharp core has, completely independent property rights of TDI technology. Compared with CMOS-TDI and CCD-TDI image sensors, CMOS-ECCD technology combines the advantages of high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio of CCD TDI sensors and high speed, low power consumption and system simplification of CMOS-TDI sensors, representing the latest technology in the industry.


Linear array image sensor

Resolution 8 K Pixel Size BSI 5 μm(H)× 5 μm(V)
integral series Level 1~256 integration direction two-way integral
Highest line frequency 250 KHz optical filter array B/W
CTE 0.99995 Full well capacity High sensitivity mode: 7 Ke-
Low sensitivity mode: 20 Ke-
responsivity @ 530 nm (unipolar) High sensitivity mode: 340 DN/nJ/cm2 dynamic range High sensitivity mode: 67 dB
Low sensitivity mode: 80 DN/nJ/cm2 Low sensitivity mode: 65 dB
Output Interface Serdes Serial Interface Data Format 12 bits/10 bits RAW
Power supply VDD12 1.15 V~1.32 V Power consumption 1.6 W@200 K-12 bit-8 K
VDA12 1.15 V~1.32 V
VLDOIN 3.30 V~3.60 V
VN -0.5 V~-2.0 V
junction temperature range -30~50 ℃ Encapsulation method COB



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