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PM006 is a cooling type high sensitivity camera using our company's independent research and development of image sensor chip, the main features are as follows:
12V input power supply;
The core processor is FPGA, which can be customized according to the needs of users;
Support RS485 communication and RS232 communication;
Support image output via USB;
Support gigabit port.


SCMOS Scientific Camera

Size of target surface 1 inch Effective pixels (max) 800 H × 600 V
Pixel Size 18 × 18 μm photosensitive structure Back-illuminated
Spectral response range 400 ~ 240Nm Shutter mode rolling shutter
Exposure time 1 ms~60 s Frame Rate 25 fps

Bit depth

21 bit full well charge 280 Ke-fitting set
Video output interface USB 3.0 Typical dark current (-40 ℃) 0.02 e-/s/pixel
PRNU 0.8% Typical readout noise (-40 ℃) 0.5 e-
External exposure trigger Support Input voltage 5 V (camera)/12V (cooling system)
Power consumption 42 W Lens interface C-Mount
Refrigeration mode four-stage semiconductor refrigeration Typical maximum cooling temperature (room temperature 25 ℃) -30 ℃


Overall dimensions:(Unit: mm)


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